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Where can I find some sample files that contain all of the different functions and parameters

Where can I find some sample files that contain all of the different functions and parameters <br> <br>

is the REST api call quota more with paid membership?

Hi, noticed there is a monthly quota for api calls. Wondering if there is more quota for paid members?


how can I mark inflection in text. I want to write tome code to add inflection to emphasize some of the words. Is this possible?

TTS Batch Request

Hello, Question for you all. Does the API support batch requests? I've tried the following as the content of my request and I get an error. I noticed that a successful response from the API contains an array of URLs (Even though there is only one element). Request Content [{"speed":1,"text":"This is string 1","speaker":"640f477d2babeb0024be422b"},{"speed":1,"text":"And this is string 2","speaker":"640f477d2babeb0024be422b"}] API Response {"statusCode":400,"timestamp":"2023-11-17T00:14:51.572Z","path":"/api/v1/tts/sync","error":"text must be longer than or equal to 1 characters, Input text must not be greater than 500 characters per block. Please separate it out into different blocks., text must be a string, text should not be empty, speaker must be a mongodb id, speaker: undefined is not Found; please use other speaker instead, speed must not be greater than 3, speed must not be less than 0.05, speed must be a number conforming to the specified constraints","errorCode":"InvalidInputException"} Thanks!

API for image generation

Hello. Do you have an API for image generation?

How to get Pro speakerType by using api?

![](https://files.readme.io/208447a-image.png) I want Pro. What should i do?

Post more than 500 characters per request

Can the API handle more than 500 characters per request for the text we wish to tts (either sync or async)? Shouldn't it be mapped to the same limits as the plans?

Help support

Hi, I would like to know about your services. 1. Do you offer API Access? 2. If so, how fast does audio generate from speech to text? 3. How long does it take to generate audio for 500 characters of text 4. What is the fastest option you offer for this and are there certain plans that offer this? Thank you.